Our Friends at CHAS

Please join with us in supporting the amazing Children’s Hospices Across Scotland charity – better known as CHAS – and their precious families, by adding a little personalised touch to your giftbox with the bright and colourful CHAS Alphabet.

We hope the CHAS letters bring you as much joy and happiness as they have to the wonderful children who created them.

  • Knowing your child has an incurable condition, is the unthinkable reality that thousands of families across Scotland have to cope with every day. 

  • CHAS is dedicated to supporting families as they face the toughest days of their lives. They are committed to making sure that, no matter how short their time together may be, it is a time filled with happiness and fun. They give children experiences they cannot have elsewhere, to feel the wind and sunshine on their faces, to sparkle, to laugh, to smile and to have memorable moments of joy –moments that will be treasured forever.

  • This is a really challenging journey. It relies on the trust, courage and love of the families with whom CHAS work, together with the dedication, compassion and expertise of their team. Along the way something truly amazing happens, because in the pain of terrible grief, joy lives on. CHAS are dedicated to helping families celebrate the lives of their children whilst they are together – and to honour their memory.

  • This Christmas will be different for most of us. But imagine this is your last Christmas with your child and you want to make so many wonderful memories, or it’s the first Christmas without your child.

  • Please support CHAS this Christmas to give them the special time their families deserve. All proceeds from the purchase of the CHAS alphabet on this website will go directly to the charity.