CHAS Alphabet - Letter G

CHAS Alphabet - Letter G

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The children and families cared for by CHAS are at the centre of everything they do,  including playing a huge part in the creation of the CHAS Alphabet. The unique CHAS letters, each designed by one of the children, have a bright and colourful wipe clean surface and are backed with a magnetic finish - perfect to stick to fridges and other metallic surfaces. 

You can use them to spell out names or add a personalised touch to your gift box. However you choose to use the letters, you'll be helping to reach the families and children across Scotland who CHAS support. 

Whether you buy one letter or the whole alphabet, we hope the CHAS letters bring you as much joy and happiness as they have to the children who created them.


Please note, the letter you receive may be a different colour/design to the one shown here.